Our Mission

The mission of the center site web is to provide care, guidance find buy pills nizagara cost and education to children from 0-6 years in a stimulating, challenging, informal and safe environment by competent well trained staff members who acknowledge each area of the child`s total development namely, the physical, social and intellectual aspects.

We believe that in order to achieve this mission effectively, a close relationship with child`s parent must be maintained as we recognize the critical role of parents in fostering their children`s development.

Our Vision is to develop the child holistically. finax tablet online buy http://ashmand.com/cost-of-zoloft-prescription/


The organisation has a constitution.

The organisation appointed an auditor.

The organisation is formally registered as (NPO) None Profit Organisation Number 009-976, in terms of Section 30 of the Child Care Act , 74 of 1983 as amended, registered number 6/1/4/3/1/2/109/1, registered with the Dept of Health and DeptA� of Education emmies number : 033 738.



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